Grace Mugabe

Inspiration Series: Grace Mugabe

In the inspiration series, I blog about people that inspire me to acheive more than I could ever imagine. These are people that I either know personally or admire from afar. You will realise that a number of these people are either direct or indirect competitors. These people have the same mindset as me that they want to help educate and it doesn't matter where the knowledge is learnt, as long as it is learnt somewhere.



Introducing Grace Mugabe from Financially Empowered.

I have been inspiring young minds at Curtin University for 12.5 years (it is a long time now I think about it - about 38% of my life so far!). I met Grace around 12 months ago when she came onboard to teach in financial modelling. I invited Grace to my office to catch up for a coffee and a chat to see if she needed any help in her new role. We ended up chatting for a long time about our shared passion for financial literacy and financial empowerment. There are only a few people that I get to chat to about financial literacy and financial empowerment who are on the same page and Grace is one of them.

Grace has achieved so much in such a short space of time. Grace is a fellow of the Leadership WA Rising Leaders Program as well as the Hive Global Leaders Program held at Harvard in June 2017. In Sept 2017, Grace was named one of three finalists in the United Nations Association of Australia (WA) Excellence in Gender Equity Promotion Award. She is also the ambassador for Behind the Brands, a hub for female entrepreneurs in Western Australia.

Grace is an amazing and inspirational young woman and I am privileged to call her both a colleague and a friend.

You're welcome.


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