Interview by All About Balance


Great to be interviewed by All About Balance. Any Australian who is promoting Financial Empowerment is ok in my books!


Welcome to the Small Business Interview Series. Here we will showcase small businesses in Australia/New Zealand that offer products or services that may help our readers to achieve a better work, life and fun balance. Considering each of the 5 pillars; health, wealth, relationships, mental health, community & spirit as part of an overall strategy is super important when making life decisions. Therefore we will not focus on the ‘cheapest’ products or services on the market, but those which will add the most value and will help you stay focused on the bigger picture. We hope you find some awesome new products/services to consider helping you live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Today’s interview is with Greg Mawer. Greg runs his own small business, Mawer Consulting – an accounting, taxation and business consulting firm in Manning, WA that helps business owners achieve what they desire. He has also recently started a blog, Mawer Money which focusses on Financial Empowerment for Australians

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