New Years Eve

NYE Reflections: The best way to achieve your goals in money (or anything else)


Happy New Year!  This time of year is perfect for reflection on the year that has passed and to make goals for the coming year.

When making financial goals (or any goals in fact), they need to be S.M.A.R.T:







Specific: A clear goal in mind

Measurable: If you cant measure it, you can't improve it. Whether it be in dollars, percentages, kilos, you must be able to measure it

Attainable: Not unrealistic (e.g. I want to be the world's richest person tomorrow)

Relevant: This one is pretty obvious, but is has to be relevant to what you desire to achieve

Timely: You have to put a time frame on the goal. When you intend to start and when you intend to reach your goal

One final tip: You should also write these goals down and tell others about your goals. This will help to hold yourself accountable and increase the likelihood of reaching your goals.

What are your SMART goals for the coming year? Feel free to let me know in the comments below


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